Manufacturing Silicone Pads

Job training pad printing

We are licensed trainer,

Our training in the profession of the pad allows you to benefit from the 1% dedicated to training.

Starting from the basic job
The use of pad printing machine

You can also enhance your skills. Analyze a problem marking, reduce costs, make a new product development and practice in real situations are training program pad printing business. Syllabus


Knowledge of the environment :
What can we print Pad printing ?

The steel plates :
Making the choice between different types of shots on the market (nylon, steel or eco 10mm) Explanation of the principle of etching and choice between frames and depths

Inks and thinners :
Analysis of different brands on the market
The right choice for the dilution of inks with thinners and retarders

The buffers :
The different types of silicones
Make the choice of the form with respect to the object to be printed
Hardness (analysis + controls)
Platelets (wood, aluminum or steel)

The image distortion (anamorphic) :
Tips for calculating deformations

The films :
Explanations on the implementation and the importance of film

Accessories :
The blades closed or open inkwells

Analysis of the operation of machinery workshop :
Trimmings, ergonomics, etc...

Proceedings :
Gains on settings
Types of machines
Security with products
Surface treatment processes (flame, corona, etc ...)

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