Manufacturing Silicone Pads

ENGRAVING / For padprinting

Steel plates : thickness of 10 mm, lapped, polished, standard or charged with chrome.
Eco plates : thickness of 0.2 - 0.5 mm, polished or lapped, punched or not, coated with a negativ photoresist (double-side).

EngravingEngraving Catalog | Download
Our graphic departement process from differents supports as paper, old film, CD-Rom, ZIP, E-mail.

PRINTING WHEELS / For marking of cables

Printing wheels - concave - convexe - flat and secteurs : 100 kg or 200 kg, with a chrome treatment on surface done in our workshop.

Printing-wheelsPrinting-wheels Catalog | Download

CYLINDER / For marking of caps and pens.

Cylinder size as specify with a chrome treatment on surface done in our workshop.

CylinderCylinder Catalog | Download

SILICON PADS / For marking of different support and forms

As silicon transformer, we propose you a range of products with different hardness, to our production adapted.
Consult our catalog 2000 references at your disposal.

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INK - Ceramic lips - Adhesives cleaning

Ink for silk-screen printing and padprinting.
Ceramic lips for closed inkpot.
Adhesives cleaning for padprinting machine.

InkInk Catalog | Download

Padprinting machine

Machine with closed inkpot : new or second-hand.

Padprinting machinePadprinting machine